A letter to my friends and family: the death of American democracy: not dying, but already dead

Hello family and friends,

Democracy in our country is dead, but you would not know it from reading the highly censored corporate-owned and controlled "news"/propaganda media.

If you look to foreign news or youtube or the general Internet or talk to friends in foreign countries that have a free press, you will understand that is is not rank and file cops, but their supervisors commiting what I think can only be called illegal brutality against the "occupy" movement.

The high-ranking police do this because they are ordered by their puppet-masters to do so. There is a huge disparity between what the general public wants and what the corporate lackeys in Congress and the corporate lackey Obama (following in the ubber corporate lackey W.Bush's footsteps) do. As Warren Buffet said in a recent interview, the USA is now a plutocracy, and that is a shame. Good writeup on a writer's arrest: I enjoy Naomi Wolf's work - a writer with reasonable views.

Our founding fathers warned us about banks and control of currency, control by the rich, etc. taking control of our country, but the right-wing extremists have removed civics from school curriculums, used total control of the media to scare people into giving up their rights as American citizens, and acted against the common good.

One Republican agenda is to make it difficult for the poor, the elderly without transportation, and students to register to vote, and their anti American "values" disgust me. Anyone who has anything to do with keeping American citizens from voting by making registration more difficult is an asshole. These are people who don't understand what our country is supposed to represent, or don't care.

One last comment: the un-educated are most easily swayed by right-wing propaganda, which is why I believe that our educational system has been deconstructed by those on the far right politically.

It is time for people who have self-identified as republicans and conservatives to speak up against the un-American right wingers who corrupt our political system. Barry Goldwater had great conservative ideals which I largely agree with, but I bet he is rolling in his grave in disgust by the current bunch of "conservatives."


  1. Very well said, Mark. I was astounded to see Wolf arrested too (BTW, there's a typo - replace Watts by Wolf. Watts is the actress).

    It's paradoxically a good thing because now more and more Americans will see the underlying reality as things have become more visible through alternate news sources and the internet.

    It has been like this, a corporatocracy for years now, and the mainstream media is very much manipulated. I saw this very clearly around 3 or 4 years ago when the mainstream news displayed a landscape thoroughly different from what you could see in alternate online venues like YouTube.

    Now that the Occupy movement is spreading across the country, you see violent and unjust repression of peacefully protesting citizens. The very same mainstream media that blasted TVs with images of the Arab Spring, condemning the leaders, are very, very quiet suddenly rather than turn the camera inwards. Leading politicians also...

    I wouldn't go so far as to discuss politics, but the process here as well is corrupted by the agenda of the corporate-owned mainstream media and it is often the case that two opposing candidates in two factions are financed by the very same corporate entities. So...the citizen can choose left or right, but cannot really win.

    There is a need for fundamental, radical, lasting change for the better.

    All the best, Mark.

  2. Think about what your saying - a conservative bias in the US media? really? The poor influenced by conservatives and notthe liberals who hand them entitlements? really?

    I don't think we should have bailed out Wall Street. I also don't think we should bail out people who took loans out for overpriced homes that they couldn't afford and now think their bad judgement means those loans should be "forgiven".

    Personally, I think this WSJ editorial is more realistic perspective about the "movement".

  3. Thanks J and Scott for your comments.


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