Appreciating Steve Jobs and the people taking part in "Occupy Wall Street"

First: my condolences to Steve Job's family and friends. He was an awesome guy who lived on his own terms and made the world a better place by doing things that he loved and was proud of.

I would also like to give a shout out of appreciation to the broad spectrum of Americans who are taking part in "Occupy Wall Street." They are facing state sponsored brutality: the elite class doesn't like the legal protests so they put pressure on the government and government influences police to do things that in their hearts they know are not right. I have been reading a lot of strong criticism of the police for their brutality in New York City against mostly peaceful American citizens exercising their first amendment rights - I personally try to not blame the police because I think it is more accurate to blame the people who control them. There are shocking videos on youtube of police brutality against US citizens in New York City during these protests and I thought about putting some links here, but these videos are violent and may be upsetting to many people.

The erosion of rights for American citizens is shocking even though I have been watching the same thing happening already in England so I have been expecting a similar collapse of basic American rights and values in favor of the powerful.


  1. Hi Mark. I've just discovered your website while searching for a Mac implementation of Smalltalk. But never mind -- I've found a lot to like on your web pages, including your lisp-related books, and this blog. Thanks for all the stuff you've given to the public.


    Kevin Cole
    Cincinnati, Ohio


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