Some new Platform as a Service providers: and

I am on vacation so I have not had much chance to try the beta invites I just received for and but both look promising as works in progress.

For now, Cloud Foundry is set up for Ruby Rack applications (like Rails and Sinatra) and Java Spring apps. They currently support MongoDB, MySQL and Redis. They will release the core software if you want to run a cloud on your own servers.

Dotcloud supports a wide range of platforms and data stores. Their roadmap shows what is available right now and what is planned.

Both beta programs are free for now. It will be interesting to see what the costs are.


  1. Mark, we're looking forward to your feedback on dotcloud!

    We've had an experimental paid offering for some time - select users are co-opted into it regularly. Feel free to contact us if you're interested!

    Solomon Hykes
    CEO, DotCloud

  2. I am actually in the market for a good place to deploy my rails app. May people recommend Heroku but their pricing is insane.

    I am checking out Webbynode (and very impressed with it) and Cloud Foundry (I'm kind of lost as to what exactly this is). I'm looking at DotCloud, but the site seems a little skimpy on information...

  3. Hello Kevin,

    Heroku may not be so expensive if you have a small deployment and a shared database is sufficient. Great product!

    I also use two EC2 instances that I prepaid 3 years for, and they would support a very large number of low traffic Rails sites, especially if deployed using JRuby and all running in one JVM. Very cost effective.

    Also using nginx to serve static assets and caching all help to get more performance from small servers.


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