Big productivity gain: not having an Internet connection in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Carol and I are on a long cruise, and because of the high cost of Internet connectivity, I am only getting on the web for about 5 minutes every other day.

I have been spending about 2 hours each day working on the Lisp edition of my Semantic Web book, and I must say that my productivity seems a lot better when I am not distracted with an Internet connection.

So far, we have been very good about not over eating on this trip - enjoying the food but eating small portions. Except for some complementary Champaign the first night we have avoided alcohol, making it easier to not over-eat!

We will be onboard for 25 days so we don't feel pressured to engage in all activities that might be fun. So far, we have been enjoying a series of onboard lectures, the movie theater, and lots of walking on deck.


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