Is the upcoming ABC whitewash of 9/11 events a failure of public trust?

I have already sent personal correspondence to Disney CEO Bob Iger urging him to show some real patriotism on this issue. As a country, we must learn from our mistakes, and I think that a whitewash is not what our country needs.

ABC like other broadcasters use the public airwaves - if they broadcast biased news, then I think that Congress should investigate their use of the public airwaves. The Democratic Senate leadership is already threatening ABC with legal and legislative actions.

I hope that everyone sees this for what it is: the fall elections are coming soon, and right wing republicans will stoop to anything to cling to power. Shame on them. Perhaps they should take an American civics class? It seems to me that many Republicans have lost sight of traditional American values.

What should owners of Disney/ABC stock think of this? One possible scenario: the Republicans lose control of Congress, and suddenly illegal corporate acts start to get punished... How might this affect Disney stock holders?


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