Apple just lost a sale - Steve Jobs is no longer on my good guy list

I am serious about this: Steve Jobs is the largest shareholder of Disney stock and on their board of directors. Disney (ABC) is running a commercial free $40 million dollar production that is from what I have read a fictionalized account of 9/11 that incorrectly blames just about everything on the Democrats. The Apple music store is distributing this bit of political propaganda for free and both Apple and Disney are targeting this fictional miniseries as an educational resource for kids. Let the mind control begin...

I was just about ready to order a new Mac laptop. It was a close call to getting a better Linux system instead. I am so angry over ABC's political partisanship that there is no way I am going to be a customer of Disney or Apple if I can avoid it.

I used to have good feelings about Apple: I wrote the chess program that they gave away with the very early Apple IIs and I did very well financially on a commercial artificial intelligence tool for the Mac that I wrote in 1985.


  1. what is preferable way to write pc application simulating board game? I mean which language , IDE will be preferable?

    Eugene S

  2. Hello Eugene: I suggest choosing a programming language that you feel comfortable using, either a good scripting language (Ruby or Python), Java, or Lisp.

    re: IDE: that depends on which programming language you use; that is, what is available for that language.


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