IDEs: best of breed vs. 'good enough'

I spend about half my time developing in Ruby and half in Java. For Java development, in my opinion nothing is as good as IntelliJ - I love it! I am still in the exploring mode when it comes to Ruby development. When using OS X, I sometimes use TextMate and I like TextPad on Windows - both inexpensive and very useful. That said, when I am dealing with larger programs, I find Eclipse and both the Ruby and the Rails plugins to definitely be 'good enough'.

Actually, as a 'good enough' platform to build other platforms, Eclipse is the 'best of breed' :-)

In the last few years, I have used Eclipse (with suitable plugins) for Ruby, Python, C, C++, and Prolog. Eclipse is also very good for Java, but not the best.

If there is one thing that I like best about Eclipse it is probably the subversion and CVS support.


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