A la cart media purchases will lead to higher quality in TV and movies

Apple's iTunes music store has changed the way I buy music: preview before I buy and only buy what I really like - a great combination where I spend more money on music than I used to but my satisfaction as a consumer is much greater than when I used to buy music CDs. I hope for the same kind of flexibility in purchasing video content: movies, short "Indie" movies, and selected TV shows. The improved quality will certainly be greatest for TV, which has the most room for improvement.

The current TV network system works against the success of smaller niche market programs that have small but loyal followings. We spend a lot of money on cable TV each month and I am not really a happy consumer. There is just too much stuff offered that my family has no interest in what so ever.

I don't mind paying for TV shows, movies, and "Indie" films that I really like, but I want control and selection. DRM that does not threaten the security of my computers is fine with me - I would be happy enough "re-paying" for future viewing of the same material and I really don't want the hassle of storing programs myself (my brother owns about 1200 DVDs and has a physical storage problem).

I think that there are a lot of consumers like myself who would be happy enough paying more money to producers of content that is what I want when I want it.


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