Cut down the trees: payoff to political cronies

This is a sad thing to read Christmas morning. The first effect will literally be in my own back yard (I live in the mountains of Northern Arizona).

My criticism is not just of the corrupt(*) Bush administration: the Democratic leadership in this country are also firmly "in the pockets" of large corporations that are no longer even American companies (since Clinton and Bush both worked to make it easy for large corporations to register off shore and avoid tax burdens).

Our government, both democrats and republicans are now the "best that money can buy". A few people in Congress still have some moral fiber and do more or less what is right - but they are a small minority.

Welcome our new corporate overlords :-(

Oh well.

(*) My opinion because Bush put ex-industry lobbyists in charge of oversight of their industries.

PS. I do study history and understand that it is the nature of people in power to become increasingly more corrupt: this has been going on for thousands of years. I believe that the important thing is for people to continually push back by calling elected representatives to task for their transgressions.


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