Kerry and Bush: keeping fairly quiet about urgent economic problems

This will piss off supporters of both Kerry and Bush, but, I am a little pissed off myself.

There are largely ignored but still overriding issues today that affect the security of Americans: the economy and scarce resources. Sure, both candidates are talking about unemployment, but there are potentially more dangerous issues affecting our security:
  • Huge trade imbalance
  • Reliance on Chinese and Japanese Foreign Banks to prop up the dollar
  • Lack of conservation of limited resources: water (in the South West at least), oil for food production and transportation, and natural gas supplies

Both candidates avoid the hard issues, with the lower grade going to Bush (his reelection team will do absolutely anything to keep the public mind off of economic issues). Still, Kerry is little better, and personally I give him a poor grade also for failing to address threats to our security. (If you think that the security of the U.S. is more threatened by terrorists than the issues that I just mentioned, then we disagree!)

I think that we deserve a lot more than "politics as usual".


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