Automatically sorting out "Java blog entries" from "non Java blog entries"

Because of the intense interest in politics (at least for me :-) I have been writing more political blogs than usual. I think that the Java blog agregators should simply automatically filter out non-Java blog entries. For example, if a blog entry does not contain at least on of the words:

"Java", "EJB", or "J2EE"

then do not include it in an agregated feed.

I have recieved some polite requests to not submit political blogs. So far, I have been telling people who complain that after the 2004 elections, I will naturally stop writing about politics to a large degree.

However, like a lot of bloggers, I like to dump all of my blog ideas into one blog (covering a variety of topics). In addition to technical topics like Java, AI, Semantic Web, etc., I also like to sometimes mention my family, hobbies, and yes, even politics and the economy.

To me, the solution is for Java agregators to filter out posts based on lack of a few key words. The same could be done for Lisp agregators, etc.


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