3D graphics with Squeak Smalltalk and LispWorks Common Lisp

I have been very busy lately work-wise, but I have spent a few evenings lately getting back into 3D graphics (I used to do the game/character AI for Ninitendo video games and VR projects for Disney and SAIC - I am no 3D graphics specialists, but I have some practical knowledge).

Anyway, I was blown away by the general coolness of Alan Kay's Squeak/OpenCroquet demos (videos here) and started looking at the Balloon3D graphics in Squeak Smalltalk and the OpenGL support in LispWorks Common Lisp. Unfortunately, Squeak under Mac OS X does not seem to support native OpenGL, but the Squeak APIs (including Alice) are very nice. LispWorks supports native OPenGL so graphics look great with great performance, but there are no high level frameworks - just OpenGL.

I also took another look at the Java3D APIs but I would rather play in an interctive programming environment.


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