Why it is OK for Republicans to vote for Kerry

Conservatives often correctly criticize Democrats for excess domestic spending programs - good ideas for helping people, but more than we can afford.

Some undecided Republicans, while rightfully disappointed by the weak presidency of Bush, might be worried about voting for Kerry. I have a few simple points to make:

1. If Kerry is elected, it is unlikely that the Democrats will control both houses of Congress. When it comes to government spending, grid lock is a good thing. I believe that spending on social programs will be controlled and measured.

2. The US economy sometime (and when is impossible to predict) will suffer considerably when more countries start to get off of the US dollar standard for purchasing energy, hoarding cash, etc. The US Treasury has been printing a lot of money that is not really backed up by anything for a long time. Think of it as the whole country getting high on excess credit card spending. Think about it: when the Fed increases the money supply that simply means that they start printing money with nothing to back it up. I would guess that this process (of switching away from the dollar) will (unfortunately) begin in a year or two, but who knows. Anyway, there will not be much extra money to spend.

The advantages of voting for Kerry:

1. He is less likely to break with long standing American values like starting wars for dubious reasons.

2. Bush is very good for big business and people who own a lot of equity. He is probably not the best choice for over 90% of Americans.


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