Corporate owned news media has voted: Bush wins!

Some friends of mine who are Democrats (and are still unhappy with me for strongly supporting Bush in the last election) are pissed off by the obvious bias in the Corporate owned news media reporting of the Democratic Convention.

I have to disagree: there is no conspiracy here, just good business decisions by large corporations:

If you are a non-US based corporation (that is, all large corporations), or own over 3 or 4 million dollars worth of stock, supporting Bush for re-election is simply a slam dunk. Lots and lots of money involved - no conspiracy what so ever.

I have switched from a strong Bush supporter to now wanting to vote for a centrist Democrat (who actually is closer to my idea of a Republican as far as core values than Bush who has showed his colors as a radical extremist).
Really, I am so disappointed by the presidency of Bush:

  • What's up with making John Ashcroft Attorney General? His lack of respect for civil liberties almost reminds me more of Nazi Germany than the America that I love: the America that embraces the Constitution of the United States.. that embraces the Bill of Rights.

  • What's up with appointing ex-industry lobbyists to over see the industries that they used to work for? Should corruption really be so obvious? Can't they even be a little more subtle?

  • What's up with making America the bad guy in the world? I want to get along in the world -- with our economy supported by the Japaneese and Chinese central banks buying dollars to support their investment in our currency, we can not afford to piss off the world.

Anyway, even though I am very much against Democratic social programs (only because we can not afford them - I spent a year as a teenager teaching in a Head Start program - my heart is OK with helping everyone, but as a country we can not afford it), I think that voting for Kerry is a slam dunk decision.

I believe that the radical extremist policies of Bush have already severely damaged our country. I believe that on a personal level that Bush is a good man, but his policies are hurting our country.


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