MSNBC: "General is said to have urged use of dogs"

I have always thought that the Bush administration was trying hard to make scapegoats of a few low-level soldiers.

To me, it seems like the problem starts at the top: having the president and high ranking officers dehumanizing people in Iraq ("the evil doers", "the bad guys" - sure there are some evil people in Iraq, but why put the entire population at risk by making dehumanizing comments).

This article spells this out fairly clearly.

The Bush administration should remember the historical lessons from Watergate - do not try to cover things up!

Also: the decision of the Bush administration to not abide by articles of the Geneva Convention, in my opinion, puts our own soldiers at a much higher risk. Again, I believe that these decisions come from the top. I doubt that anyone in the Bush administration will ever admit any wrongdoing or poor decision making - I just don't think that they have the moral character to admit to mistakes.


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