I retired yesterday: my list of things to do in retirement

What does an intelligent person do in retirement? That is a question of individual tastes but I will share my list of 20 things.

Yesterday was my last day working on a recommendation model at Babylist. Babylist is a great company to work for but I decided to retire in order to spend more time helping my wife who now has chronic health problems. When I write books, my wife enjoys editing my work so we will keep doing that. I also plan on being a gentleman computer scientist by working on open source deep learning applications and semantic web/linked data tools and applications.

I may end up not doing all of these things, but generally I plan on spending more time on current interests and starting some new hobbies:

Retirement Activities
  • Join an Internet Chess club **DONE**
  • Get a fishing license
  • Video Games
  • Improve my cooking/recipe web site
  • Reading
  • Release new editions for my 3 most popular eBooks
  • Practice guitar, Native American Flute, and didgeridoo
  • Eco-box vegetable garden
  • Set up my model trains
  • Play online Go. **DONE** online-go.com
  • Learn to use the Ham radio (listen only, no license) that my son in law Josh gave me
  • Photography
  • Wednesday and Saturday morning bird watching tours at Red Rock State Park
  • Kayaking
  • Take more road trips with Carol and friends
  • Using my new meat smoker
  • Hiking with my friends
  • Marksmanship: spend more time at the shooting range (I own a 22 caliber target pistol)
  • Meditation
  • Start taking flying lessons again

I may not do all of these activities but I found it useful to put some thought into what I want to now spend my time on.


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