My blockchain side project to 'give something back'

I am very busy with my new machine learning job but I always like to try to split off some of my own free time for occasional side projects that I think will help me learn new technologies. My latest side interest is in blockchain technologies and specifically I am interested in blockchain as a platform and environment for AI agents.

I liked Tim O’Reilley’s call for action for corporations and people to take a longer term view of working for things of long term value to society in his recent keynote speech: Our Skynet Moment 

While I consider myself to be a talented practitioner for building machine learning and general AI applications since 1982, I don't feel like I work at the level of creating any groundbreaking technologies myself. So, as far as 'giving something back' to society, it seems like my best bet is in putting some energy into distributed systems that push back against centralized control by corporations and governments, things that enpower people.

Although it is really early days, I think that the Hyperledger projects look very promising and I like how this organization is organized in a similar fashion as the Apache Foundation.

I would like to start slow (I don't have much free time right now!) and will record any open source experiments I do at my new site I may or may not finish a book project on any open source software that I write: hyperledgerAI: Writing Combined Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Applications. I will start with small well documented sample applications built on Hyperledger.


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