I am enjoying my business trip in Singapore

Singapore is a great place: a well run country that caters to business.


After a surprisingly easy trip from Arizona to Singapore I am getting settled in. No jet lag today! I took a very long walk first thing this morning and took a few pictures: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=96BA71CF7F82BA59!56414&authkey=!AJdcHJmgLjMlwWM&ithint=folder%2c 

The first picture is the sunset from 30K feet starting to descend into the Hong Kong airport, then a picture after landing. Carol and I have been in Hong Kong, so that was nice and familiar. I didn't have a window seat landing in Singapore, so no photos from the air. The other pictures are from outside my hotel in Singapore, deep inside the MRT (rapid transit center), and generally around the neighborhood. Singapore has a very nice feel about it. Everything from airport services, port of entry, transportation, hotel accommodations, etc. is well-run, friendly and first rate!

Late morning I took a second long walk, so some more pictures:


The Indian Temple in the pictures was open for some sort of service today. I took off my shoes then entered it. There was a holy man in a loin cloth near the entrance and he greeted me warmly enough so I felt comfortable staying in an out of the way place and meditated a bit. Nice place. I didn't take any pictures inside the Temple because I remember that in India in Jain and other temples that photography was not appreciated. Inside, there were many pictures and sculpture reliefs of Ganesha the elephant God and you can see similar on the close up picture of the Temple roof.

Late this afternoon, I wanted to get a little more site-seeing in before my work week starts tomorrow morning so I walked to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum: 

Before leaving my hotel I visited a rooftop garden in the hotel and while I was there it started monsoon-strength rains - a very sudden event since it had been sunny all day. I waited under an umbrella in the garden for the heavy rain to stop and then did the walk in a light drizzle. The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple was packed with people, a few tourists but mostly devotionals.


I started work today. I am here for two weeks and I am enjoying working on a great project.


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