My new book "Power Java" is released today

I recommend that you look through the github repo for my book to see what I cover and if it looks interesting please please consider buying my new book on leanpub.

I cover a wide range of topics including machine learning, linked data, network programming techniques for IoT, and some ideas for knowledge management using cloud data.


  1. Mark,

    I am starting to learn Java after 30+ years of using older, mostly non-OO languages. Would your book be appropriate for this? Also I am having trouble installing Java: javac is not found on the appropriate path(s), although it does exist elsewhere. Thought of asking on, but there is no recent traffic. Any idea where I could get help?

  2. Hello Steve, I already answered you in an email, but to repeat myself: I recommend the free IntelliJ Community Edition for a Java IDE, and taking a Java class at eDX or Coursera would be a fun way to spin up on Java.


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