I updated cookingspace.com

I originally wrote cookingspace.com in Ruby and Rails about 8 years ago, and a few years ago I rewrote it from scratch in Clojure.

This week I made some major improvements. First, I cleaned up some technical debt by rewriting cookingspace.com as a plain Compojure and Hiccup app, removing all reliance on the deprecated Noir library. I also did some major code cleanup.

I also rewrote the code for calculating and displaying the nutritional information for the recipes. The nutritional information used on this site is derived from the USDA Nutrition Database. Nutrition information is shown for each displayed recipe. This includes total percentage of minimum daily requirement and for each nutrient the recipe ingredients supplying most of the nutrient (ingredients providing less than 1% of contribution to daily requirement are not shown). The cookingspace.com system tracks 42 nutrients including most vitamins and minerals important for good health.

I originally wrote cookingspace.com to help me track the amount of vitamin K in my diet. I now have the relative vitamin K levels in common food memorized and it is easy to eat (approximately) the same amount or vitamin K each day. Mission accomplished! I now use cookingspace.com to get a better understanding of which recipe ingredients contribute good and "bad" nutrients.


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