The Three Things

Since I (mostly) shut down my consulting business (which I have enjoyed for 15 years) in favor of developing my own business ideas I find that I am working more hours a week now. When consulting the breakdown of my time spent per week was roughly 15 hours consulting, 8 hours writing, 5 hours reading technical material (blogs, books, and papers), 5 hours programming on side projects, and many hours of "me time" (hiking, cooking, reading fiction, meditation, and hanging out with my wife and our friends).

Wondering what "The Three Things" are? Hang on, I will get to that.

I now find myself spending 40+ hours a week on business development. Funny thing is, I still am spending a lot of time on the same activities like hiking, hanging out, reading, and side projects. I feel like a magician who has created extra time. Now for The Three Things:

I have always known this but things have become more clear to me:

  1. Spend time on what energizes you. If work drags you down and robs you of energy then you are probably doing the wrong thing. Whenever you can, engage in activities you love doing rather than maximizing how much money you make.
  2. Continually try to improve yourself by choosing activities for both your personal growth and that have a positive effect on other people.
  3. Even in the face of disappointments in life try to live in a constant state of gratitude for loved ones, skills, opportunities, and the adventure of not really knowing what comes next in life.


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