"ClojureScript: Up and Running" book

I bought the Kindle edition of the book "ClojureScript: Up and Running" by Stuart Sierra and Luke VanderHart a few days ago. It is well written and a good way to ramp up on using ClojureScript for web client programming in Clojure instead of Javascript.

I have experimented with ClojureScript before, and now that two of the three Coursera classes I have been taking this fall are done, getting up to speed on ClojureScript has moved to the top of my side-project to-do list. (BTW, as I have written before, one of the classes I have taken this fall is the Functional Programming Principles in Scala, and that class is also of value to Clojure programmers who might not have a strong interest in Scala specifically, but have an interest into better understanding functional programming - the lectures for that class were especially enjoyable and useful.)

I have converted all three of my main web sites to Clojure + Noir in the last few months and this is a great combination (especially when used with a high level UI framework like Twitter Bootstrap or Dojo Mobile) for web applications. Since I am already happy with this web app development stack, why learn ClojureScript? Basically because I don't like to do a lot of coding in JavaScript. In the last few years I have enjoyed several projects done using either GWT or SmartGWT where both web client side and server side is done in Java, and I anticipate using ClojureScript, but only for projects with complex client side functionality.


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