(re) learning Clojure

I have been using Clojure for about 25% of my consulting work in the last 2 years, read two books on Clojure, and I had some Clojure examples in a book I wrote last year.

That said, I don't really feel "expert" at the language the way I do with Java, Ruby, and Common Lisp.

I am trying to fill in some gaps by carefully reading through one of my customer's Clojure code, and all Clojure libraries that I use like Noir, Compojure, etc. I am trying to pick up more idioms. I enjoy it when I see a new trick in someone else's code and going back to my code to improve it.


  1. My name is also Mark Watson!

    I'm trying to pick up closure, I just got the book Joy of Closure, it looks interesting. It seems reading code is a really good way of learning stuff...

  2. Hello Mark,

    Reading through "The Joy of Clojure" is a good start, as is writing a lot of small programs and reading other people's code.


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