Google+ seems to be very well done

Thanks to Marc Chung for the Google+ invite. The web UI is very slick and I know I am going to have fun with g+. Anyone on Google+, let me know if you want to be in my Artificial Intelligence, Clojure, and/or Ruby groups.


  1. Hi,

    I am working on facebook apis, and would really love to have an invite for Google+ so that I may explore its capabilities for my dev work.

    If you have an extra invite could you send it my way? Or maybe suggest my name if any of your friends have one extra.

    Thanks Mark!

  2. hi mark,

    good to know.

    i'd like to explore myself. can you give me an invite ?

    thank you,


  3. Mark, I've been enjoying your blog for a while, and I'm an AI student and Clojure hacker. I'm on g+ and would love to be in your "Circle" while I experiment with g+. :) joshuaeckroth "at"

  4. CG and humbled: if you let me know your gmail email addresses then I can invite you to a circle (specify artificial intelligence, Clojure, or Java)

    Joshua: I see that you are already on g+ so I added you to my artificial intelligence circle.

  5. Apparently, I need ot know peoples' names to add them, not just their gmail addresses.

  6. Would you please invite me.
    Here is my information

    Name: Rashid Ali

  7. hi Mark,

    my name is Cyril Gupta and google handle is cyrilgupta

  8. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the offer,
    I'd love to have an invite.
    you could add me to your artificial intelligence and ruby groups.
    My handle is lexlapax at gmail dot com

  9. Hi Mark,

    Dying to check this out.
    If you have an invite available
    please send one.
    Also interested in your AI and Ruby group.

    ian.garmaise at gmail dot come



  10. Greetings Ian, I have already put you in my Lisp and Clojure circles - that should get you an invite sometime, hopefully soon :-)

    I'll add you to the Ruby circle also.

  11. Hi Mark,
    Thanks your for the offer,I would like to get an invite. Also, I would like to invite me to your Ruby circle.

    name : Marian Vasile Caraiman
    email : mvcaraiman at gmail dot com

    Thank you

  12. I think that I have added everyone who asked to at least one circle.

    I don't have an 'invite' link on my G+ page, but my understanding is that when I post messages to circles and enable sending the posts as email to non-members of G+ then that starts the process started for getting invites to G+.

  13. Mark, Hi. Could I get an invite to the CLOJURE circle, please. Thanks a lot

    name : German Toledano
    email :

  14. Hello German,

    Done: I entered your email and name as belonging to my Clojure circle.
    Hopefully this will speed up getting an invite for you.

    I don't have an invite link on my G+ page, otherwise I would send you
    one directly.


  15. Hi Mark,

    I've been working with clojure for a couple of years now, could you invite me to your Clojure circle, please?

    I have yet to receive an invitation for Google+, but hopefully I'll get one soon.

    - Ivan Lima
    ivanglima at gmail


  16. Hello Ivan: I added you to my Clojure circle.

    BTW, I now understand better how Circles work. When I add you to a specific circle, and select that circle, then I see public posts by you or things that you allow me to see. For non-public things that you post, I will be able to see them if you have added me into any of your circles.

    I find it best to put people in just one circle, and make it the most fine-grained and relevant for them. If I, fo example, put you in 3 circles, then I see your posts repeated each time I look at the stream for each of those 3 circles.

  17. Hi, Mark. I would appreciate that you include in the clojure Group

    email :
    name : german toledano

    ==> i'm coming back --> due to errors my account cannot access the google+ features, I've created a new one.

    Thanks a LOT

  18. Hello German (and everyone who needs a G+ invite):

    A fraction of people I have added to my various G+ circles have got invites, but many have not. I don't know what Google's selection process is.

    Please be patient, definitely put yourself on the waiting list and when you get invited to G++ you will be in my appropriate circles.



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