Java support on the Mac

Long term, this is a big issue for me: I spend a lot of my time developing Java, Clojure, and Scala code using IntelliJ so I need support for desktop Java apps like IntelliJ. For now, my customer (CompassLabs) is a Clojure shop (at least the work I do) and Emacs+swank+Clojure is a sweet combination, so Clojure development will not really be impacted because this does not require Swing desktop app support. But I am pretty much addicted to IntelliJ for Java and Scala coding.

I would be interested in an official statement from JetBrains how they will handle this issue, long term.

An easy solution is to just use my i5 Windows+Ubuntu laptop in the future.


  1. If you have X Windows installed on OS X (it's an extra package on the install disk) you have nothing to worry about.

    I run OpenJDK7 (the FreeBSD distro). The downside here is that swing apps will use X Windows instead of Aqua.

    Ping me if you want more information (ohpauleez in #clojure)


  2. Hello Paul,

    A good idea just running under X Windows except I have never been that happy with running X on the Mac Desktop. I use it sometimes with Swi-Prolog.

    When the lack of Java support becomes an issue then I'll either use your idea or use my Windows/Linux laptop.



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