Very good movie by Kate Ray: "Web 3.0"

This 15 minute film is a well done set of interviews with people who have different views on the Semantic Web: Ontology's necessary, or not; possible to implement or not.

I have made my own views clear enough: I don't expect that many people will tag web pages with RDFa, etc. but that automatically generated content will be likely to contain semantic markup. Getting the Semantic Web (Web 3.0) infrastructure done right is a tough problem, and I have problems disagreeing with people who have different points of view on implementation strategy because I think that both automatic semantic markup and finding relationships between data, and more formal Ontology driven strategies will be useful.

I spend much effort in the little technical details of the Semantic Web and automated data/text mining. I am not what you might call "big idea" person, rather I have always enjoyed the dirty little details of making things work. For me, this movie provides a welcome high level perspective.


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