Switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ for AppEngine development

Eclipse has been my tool of choice for AppEngine development because of the great plugin supplied by Google. I have been using IntelliJ for all other Java, Scala, and Clojure development so I decided it would be nice to switch AppEngine development to IntelliJ 9.x also. If you decide to do this also, after a few false starts, I now have a recipe that works for me:
  • Install the latest Java SDK for AppEngine and set a symbolic link to it so it is easy to swap in newer versions as they are released.
  • Don't import the eclipse project. Instead, I had better results creating new empty AppEngine projects and copying in my src directory and the contents of the old war directory to the web directory.
  • Create an AppEngine facet, entering the symbolic link to your Java AppEngine SDK directory.
  • Create an artifact of type Web App Exploded.


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