I just read the text for Obama's speech to school kids: it is non-political and strong on American values

This is the text of the speech he is scheduled to give in a few days.

Well worth reading since some crazy right wingers have been telling lies and sowing so much disinformation. I have very much appreciated some conservative pundits who have publicly called this disinformation "stupid." Not all conservatives put the well being of their political party above the well being of our country. Good for them for speaking up!

When I was in grade school, a friend's father, who was conservative, helped arrange for our whole class to get to see President John F. Kennedy speak. I think that my friend's Dad disagreed with President Kennedy on things political, but he wanted his son and his son's classmates to hear a President speak.

There is a lot of anti-American rhetoric coming from some conservatives - it is up to the rest us, the majority I think, to speak up and point out stupidity when we hear it.


  1. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Education is very important, but sometimes I think it makes us ready for slavery. Ideals are only useful when the majority of the population follow them, otherwise you maybe the only fool in the town.

    Young people are very intelligent, they intuitively know what are the forces involved in the social dynamic.

    Financial crisis has show us that we only act when we are touching the wall of catastrophe.

    I wish there were some intelligent ideals that young people could tolerate.

    Thanks for your suggestive blog, I enjoy it much.

  2. Anonymous4:42 AM

    This is off topic. Some questions:

    I would like to know how many people read your blog regularly.

    I also like to read Bruce Eckel blog. There are comments from a Mark Watson (are yours?).

    Third and last, what is your opinion about Clojure?

  3. Hello Sirpi, I get between 200 and 800 human readers a day directly from my web site and my blog is aggregated, so there are some additional readers. The comments on Bruce's blog are probably from me. I have played with Clojure, but it has slow run time performance compared to some nice alternatives like natively compiled Lisp (I use Franz, SBCL, and Gambit-C), Java, Scala, Haskell, etc.

  4. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Thanks for the information.


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