Local Search and Rescue probably saved my life last Thursday

Here are some pictures of the local Fire Department, DPS, and Sheriffs department getting me out of a bad situation. I had been hiking with friends in a very remote area when my back went out (compressed disk and muscle spasms). I was unable to move without blacking out from pain, so my friends contacted Search and Rescue. I was "short hauled" out. A short haul is a ride in either a stretcher or a chair on a long rope - as you can see in the pictures, I was about a hundred feet below the helicopter.

I am very grateful to both Search and Rescue and my friends for taking such good care of me last Thursday.

I am recovering. I was able to get out of bed this morning and walk around for a few minutes.


  1. Thank you: Search and Rescue.

    Hope you are at-ease soon Mr. Watson!

  2. Thanks Grant. I am doing OK now (I can walk around, but I am being extra careful of my back)

  3. I believe you need to determine (if you haven't already done so) what it was that took your back out. Maybe there are strengthening exercises you could do for that to minimize the chance of it happening again; or perhaps a brace is in order. At any rate, an orthopedic surgeon could diagnose, treat and advise you. I'd hate to see you have to restrict or give up an activity that you love, yet I'm sure you don't want to risk another experience like that. Take care.
    -'Cuz Tim

  4. Mark,

    Be careful more ! you are in recovery phase now; so, maybe it's better to restrict your remote activities (long hiking,etc)...

    I hope you a happy life :)

  5. Mark is a bungee jumper at heart. He has a good heart but needs the back to get aligned. Stay healthy and get back in the hills along with your back.



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