More use of Eclipse and Mylyn: new book project using Latex

Except for Ruby and Rails (where I use a combination of NetBeans and TextMate) I am switching over just about all of my projects to Eclipse and Mylyn because of Mylyn's task management functionality: if you have not given Mylin a try, please do :-)

I am working on the 3rd edition of my Java AI book and I set up Eclipse with TeXlipse today. Now, I have always liked using TeXShop on my Mac, and I still really like TeXSHop but the ability to have my book code examples and my Latex files in one working environment with Mylin task management makes it well worth the effort to switch setups.


  1. Would be neat if texlipse had bridge for mylyn task context...

  2. Hello Eugene,

    With Eclipse 3.4, TeXlipse works well enough with Mylin for file hiding for files not on the current task.

    I think that Mylin will be very popular and we will see improved Mylin integration with popular Eclipse plugins.

  3. Mark, a custom bridge for texlipse would allow you to filter tex content below files. So, you could track sections of the documents that are not in the current task. For example, in the outline view that shows document structure or with automatic folding (if supported by texlipse editor). Mylyn has built-in context bridge for Java, so it can track interesting methods and classes.

    See mylyn architecture at

  4. Hello Eugene, thanks for the reference. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I am fairly busy right now, but I would definitely like to understand Mylin internals. The more I use Mylin (and so far I just have my current work set up as 9 active tasks in 6 categories), the more I feel that my working life has changed for the better :-)

  5. Hello Mik - I just did vote for the Texclipse bridge "bug"/code improvement.


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