PLT Scheme v4.0 is released

The PLT Scheme system has always been impressive and now it looks even better. It supports R6RS and many improvements to the documentation. If you have used PLT Scheme (DrScheme) before, it is a good idea to at least read through the Welcome to PLT Scheme Introduction to pick up the changes.


  1. What about LISP on the JVM?

    There's an interesting article on InfoQ about it:

  2. Hello Demetrios,

    I used Kawa a lot, but many years ago. I have tried SISC more recently.

    I tried playing with Clojure, but being a long time Common Lisp and Scheme user, I fond the syntax to be a bit uncomfortable. BTW, the author of Clojure, Rich Hickey, wrote a very cool framework years ago for using LispWorks in Java.

    Even though runtime performance of Java (with the server JVM, nicely tuned) is awesome, I don't think that the performance of embedded Lisp is so good. I think that Scala is one of the few alternative JVM languages that has very good performance - please correct me if I am wrong about that.


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