Wow: a Java application with 25 megabytes of JAR files

I was just writing about the data mining tool RapidMiner on my AI blog. RapidMiner is based on many open source projects for machine learning, clustering, data access, and data visualization, so a lot of developers contributed to that 25 megabytes of compiled Java code :-)

For comparison, NetBeans 6.0 seems to use about 15 megabytes of compiled code and Eclipse weighs in at about 100 megabytes.


  1. Mark, can you tell where can I download that 15Mb Netbeans package? Stuff listed on download page is minimum 96Mb if you pick stuff that is usable for a daily web development.

  2. Hello Eugene,

    I downloaded the "Ruby NetBean Pack" (4th column in downoad bundle table) which is a 19 MB download.


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