Back online after my vacation

Carol and I, after a year of health problems, celebrated our return to good health with a 15 day cruise from San Diego to Hawaii and back (pictures).

Vacations are a funny thing for me: usually I love my work, research, and studies but after a vacation it always takes me a week or two to enjoy normal life as usual. Oh well. I enjoy cruising a lot: great relaxation and I think less expensive than other forms of vacations where you constantly rack up separate transportation, lodging, and food costs. Some tricks for maximizing the enjoyment of a cruise: occasionally skip meals to avoid always feeling full, hang out at many different places aboard a ship to both experience different environments and meet more people, and when ashore look for opportunities to use public transportation to great sites to visit and just use packaged tours as needed. We had a great time and look forward to visits in Sedona from some of our new friends who we met on the cruise.


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